Friday, January 1, 2010

House Tour

Donna here.
This is a video I took of Mom and Dad's new house while I was there last week. It's a highly compressed version, so I apologize that some of the details don't show up well. Mark pointed out that I almost never show the ceiling heights. Basically, be prepared for some awesome camera work and commentary; it just might win an Academy Award actually. It's about 10 minutes long, so allow yourself enough time and maybe pop some popcorn.



  1. Donna,
    You did a great job showing off our new house. We particularly liked your commentary. Thanks to you and Kristy the place is getting whipped into shape! Whip it good! (our apologies to Devo).
    Mom and Dad

  2. Thanks Donna. Looks great. I can't wait to visit.

    What I want to know is: What piano was that in the living room?